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The only marchers holding Tiki torches are "undercover" FBI agents, like the ones who occupied the Capitol Building on Jan 6th.

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To continue the divorce analogy…

I do not feel like one of the married couple in this abusive relationship. Rather, I feel like a teenage child of those squabbling parents:

"Mom, Dad, you'd be a lot happier if you'd just break up already. But even if you don't…it's only a matter of time before I am outta here."

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I don’t even know where to begin in responding because it is obvious you haven’t remotely thought this through and I don’t have the time or the desire to go through the entire analysis. The EU example proves the opposite. The EU involved long separate and distinct state entities voluntarily coming together to strengthen their political situation (reduce the risk of future wars between the nations) and slowly economically integrate to collectively raise standards of living. It was the result of centuries of wars and political disputes and it took decades to get to the current structure. The USA cannot simply separate after 250 years as a nation without disastrous consequences for everyone except perhaps a few wealthy people, various demagogues, and China and Russia and various bad actors. The reality is that small nations are at risk from large ones and the citizens of the USA benefit greatly economically and militarily from being part of a large, powerful nation, despite the many flaws. We need to concentrate on improving the current structure and not throwing caution to the wind with magical thinking about the purported benefits of a breakup of the most successful nation in the history of the world. I would respectfully suggest you focus on other topics.

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Stunning image that sticked me on an emotional level (like the child of these two), and which uniquely compliments the article.

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Decentralization is half the answer. No decentralized system works without transparency though. And collective intelligence also thrives in these two atmospheres so that is what we need to do: Build new transparent and decentralized systems and plug them in to our current corrupted ones.

Also, we edited these statements from the article to more accurately describe the real cause:

Our socio-economic models are corrupted by colluding entities.

Our state and corporate hierarchies are corrupted by colluding entities.

Our belief in the founding ideals is corrupted by colluding entities.

Our systems of mutual aid are corrupted by colluding entities.

Our collective intelligence is corrupted by colluding entities (but VERY fixable with swarm Intelligence ecosystems and network states).

Our civil discourse is corrupted by colluding entities.

Our government is corrupted by colluding entities.


Science is corrupted by colluding entities

Academia is corrupted by colluding entities

Food supply is corrupted by colluding entities

Medicine is corrupted by colluding entities

and more

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Respectively, we needn't "break up" to achieve the worthy goals you mention.

We need only understand how those who seek to destroy society so we give up the Constitution because we're convinced it "doesn't work" (because it has been ignored or neutered) succeed.

I argue the Constitution is the only thing that stands in our political opponents' way, IF we knew how to call again on it.

Only because it's so powerful and can end The Make-Believe Rule of Paper Tyrants so completely and permanently (outside the election process), does the other side work so diligently to make us believe the Constitution is worthless so we'd willingly give it up.

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Quite frankly, this is nuts. A separated United States would be weaker economically and militarily. Our collective standard of living would collapse as the dollar would no longer be the reserve currency. There would be tariff wars between states and complete economic chaos. Forget Social Security or Medicare and unified defense. This is poorly thought out without thoughtful consideration of adverse consequences.

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