Media Kit 2023-24

new book. new perspective. new constitution.

  1. Max Borders is releasing a new book, Underthrow: How Jefferson's Dangerous Idea will Spark a New Revolution.

  2. Borders is also running a $20,000 $25,000 contest for a Constitution of Consent, which officially launches July 15, 2023.

An authoritarian arms race threatens the American Empire. Reprisal begets reprisal. Each side promises to ruin the other, but the people are the cannon fodder. Both seek domination.

What would Thomas Jefferson say if he could see the state of things?

Embrace the future of open-source law and governance and help Max Borders spread the word for your audience to participate in creating a constitution founded on the principles of community and freedom in balance.

  • New Book.
    Interview author Max Borders.
    Borders’s new book Underthrow makes a case for replacing our crumbling empire with a society that realizes Jefferson’s consent of the governed.

  • New Perspective.
    Discuss radical new ideas rooted in ancient wisdom.
    See how we can neutralize unjust power and reclaim our sovereignty by decentralizing political power and spawning new jurisdictions.

  • New Constitution.
    Explore a plan to create micro-societies in America and beyond.
    The Constitution of Consent Contest offers $25,000 to the team(s) that submit the best anti-authoritarian constitution.

What shall we talk about?


  1. Real Social Contract. Chosen law will be better than imposed law.

  2. Church of Politics. Partisan cults have replaced moral practice in America, giving rise to power grabs, collective neurosis, and a crisis of meaning.

  3. America’s Fall. The U.S. Empire is teetering. Decadence and confusion spread widely before it all comes down.

  4. Church of Politics II. Politics prompts us to outsource our responsibilities to distant capitals; that makes us poorer, less free, and less communitarian.

  5. Underthrow. The solution is a collective force of change designed to wash away the authoritarian elite and its hierarchies.

  6. Consent. “The consent of the governed” can lay the foundation of social organization? We can coalesce in the city-states we want and otherwise exit.

  7. Constitution. A Constitution of Consent could help shift a billion people away from power politics towards self-organizing communities and city-states.

  8. Money. So many of our social problems are linked to a corrupt monetary/banking system. We must act to develop parallel alternatives.

  9. Competitive Governance. Competition among legal systems makes for better governance services, fewer domination games, and the proper scale.

  10. Fraternal Renaissance. How a renaissance of mutual aid and fraternal organizations will allow us to build the post-authoritarian infrastructure now.


"One of the books I recommend the most, and secretly wish the whole world would read." - Brian Robertson

"I believe Social Singularity is the greatest and most profound book of the decade." - Stephen Drake

“Max's perspectives on the forward march of social structures is refreshing and welcome. … If you're interested in "what comes next" in the human collective experience, it's well worth the read. - Matt Kreinheder

“I was expecting the incisive social diagnosis and the lively writing style. What I wasn't expecting was to be so carried along by the social #singularity metanarrative. … If you want an accessible and wide-reaching introduction to the 'why' of competitive governance, read this book.” - Graeme Brooks


Max Borders is author of The Social Singularity, the Decentralist, and After Collapse.