Underthrow: The Book

UNDERTHROW: How Jefferson’s Dangerous Idea Will Spark a New Revolution

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Power. Corruption. Another cycle of decline. 

If Thomas Jefferson were alive today, he’d say America is due for a revolution. If we do nothing, we will either join the list of fallen empires or descend into dystopia.

The good news is we need not refresh the tree of liberty with bloodshed. Instead, we can:

  • Restore the Founders’ wisdom

  • Innovate our way around unjust authority

  • Create new communities and then new jurisdictions

In this powerful book, Max Borders rouses us in a call to underthrow.

What happens if we mixed nonviolent resistance with subversive innovation? We’ll become more powerful than rioters or armed revolutionaries. Borders not only offers us the tools to topple an empire, but he also shows how the unheeded wisdom of the American Founders can upgrade the Republic.

Despite the odds, a new breed of anti-authoritarians is finding its footing, standing firm on what Jefferson called “the consent of the governed.” If you are disgusted by the world’s drift toward authoritarianism, find your mission here.


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